About On-Line Publishers, Inc.

OLP Wire Service is a division of On-Line Publishers, Inc. and is focused on helping writers and publishers connect to deliver quality content to readers. The wire service assists publishers with efficiency, consistency, and profitability. Our online solution helps writers reach a broader range of publishers. Our collection of articles is current and is growing every day.

As a publisher, we understand the importance of quality content in our publications. We further understand the challenges editors face month in and month out in securing articles given time constraints, changes, and budget limitations. The ability to select reliable content from trusted writers on an a la carte basis is both efficient and effective in managing an editorial department.

Our articles cover an array of topics and categories. Our writers have access to their account within our database and see all purchase activity relative to their articles. OLP Wire Service reconciles all writer accounts on a quarterly basis, compensating writers accordingly.

When you visit “The Store,” you’ll find a number of categories where articles reside. Each area has high-quality, high-value content for your immediate download and implementation. Click on “The Store” to review articles applicable to your publications.